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An Interview with Ray Mohler Jr., BellesBoard Customer & Founder of Little Saint Foundation

In 2004, Raymond Mohler, Jr. founded The Little Saint Nick Foundation with the intention of reducing the “fear, anxiety, and isolation” children experience while spending significant amounts of time in hospitals. Mohler Jr. himself suffered a rare, childhood hip disorder that resulted in long stretches spent hospitalized. He remembers the stress this time caused him and his family. Ever since, it has been his mission to help alleviate these feelings of anxiety in other children. Today, as the Founder, Chair and CEO of Little St. Nick Foundation, he sits down with a BellesBoard staff member to discuss how our product helps him in his mission. 

Leading up to his organization’s subscription to BellesBoard, LSNF developed in the way many growing organizations do. First, friends and family were brought into support the burgeoning idea. Next, new faces joined in and got involved. From this point, LSNF underwent rapid growth. It became clear that significant structural infrastructure needed to be fashioned. In 2020, the board decided a board portal was a key element to move forward. 

Mohler Jr. reached out to his trusted accountant for any information he could share. It was from his accountant that Ray first heard about BellesBoard. From there, he met with Frank and Christine, co-founders of BellesBoard, who walked him through how to use their product. The ease of use, comprehensiveness, and quality customer service were three major stand outs to him. 

Following LSNF’s subscription, Mohler Jr. and his board found these to be the most helpful features:

  • Electronic signatures – The ability to sign essential forms online has saved time and energy. Being sent reminders of when the signature is due has helped prevent many missed deadlines.
  • The App – The convenience of accessing BellesBoard on one’s phone has made the product exceptionally attractive to the LSNF. BellesBoard converts seamlessly from desktop to mobile. 
  • Repository and Documentation – All the details are available at the click of a button. 
  • Security – BellesBoard ensures privacy and firewalls to protect all the LSNF organization’s governance data. The ability to control access means one can also filter who sees which document(s).

Mohler Jr. says, “Technology aside, BellesBoard’s customer service has been superior to any other technology used by our organization. The availability of their support team when assistance is needed has been really meaningful.” BellesBoard is constantly working to improve their product, including their customer service. While many companies may look to minimize or eliminate customer service, BellesBoard knows the value of thoughtful, involved customer service. Ensuring users have access to ask questions and receive help is paramount to BellesBoard. 

When asked why BellesBoard is so important to LSNF, Mohler Jr. replied that having everything in one place gives a CEO or leader of any organization the time necessary to achieve their goals and complete quality work. BellesBoard provides a comprehensive, 360-degree view of all efforts within an organization, illuminating the meaningful areas. Not only is it essential to the board, but also the advisory board. 

As BellesBoard rolls out new features and updates, Mohler Jr. and LSNF are excited to incorporate and use them in the future. He is confident that as BellesBoard continues to expand, so will Little St. Nick Foundation.

Here’s to success for both!


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