Meet the
Bellesboard Trailblazers!

We spotlight nonprofit leaders throughout the year who are using BellesBoard in unique ways to maximize mission impact. Trailblazers are featured in our monthly BellesBoard e-Bulletin and here on our site. In December, all are given the opportunity to vote for the “Trailblazer of the Year” who is announced in January.

April 2024

Jennifer Frans, Chief Operating Officer – Love146

For over 20 years, Love146 has been a credible force preventing child trafficking and providing holistic support to survivors.

Jennifer, this month’s Trailblazer, states that BellesBoard has enabled Love146 to increase efficiency, reduce the time it takes to prepare for meetings, organize board documents, and conduct polls. BellesBoard’s ”one-stop shop” has enabled them to increase board engagement. Jennifer says “Everyone loves BellesBoard!”.

To learn more about Love146, click here.

March 2024

Tim Miller – the Vanderbilt Country Club

Based in Naples FL, Tim, the General Manager, engaged Assistant General Manager, Helen Szakaly, to have each board member stop by her office so that she could make sure the BellesBoard mobile app was installed on their phones.

The result: quicker overall adoption and transition to the portal as well as increased engagement!

To learn more about Vanderbilt, click here.

February 2024

Alysha McAlester – the Southern Hills Country Club

Based in Tulsa OK, Alysha is the Executive Assistant and Membership Director. At the club’s first board meeting of 2024, Alysha used BellesBoard’s eSignature feature to complete the annual conflict of interest (COI) disclosure forms. Within 24 hours, 80% of the forms had been signed electronically.

Alysha has also used eSignature for three other compliance requirements related to the First Tee of Tulsa Program and saved significant administrative time.

To learn more about Southern Hills or to connect with Alysha, click here.

Owen Dougherty – the Birmingham Athletic Club
Many thanks to so many of you for voting. We are pleased to announce that Owen Dougherty of Birmingham Athletic Club is our 2023 Winner!
November 2023
Owen Dougherty – the Birmingham Athletic Club

Owen earned this distinction because of the creative way he is using the BellesBoard Dashboard module to keep his board of directors informed of membership trends.

Board members now have easy access to see, for the past five years, a visually appealing breakdown of multiple membership categories, total active members, and total members overall.

To learn more about BAC or to connect with Owen, click here.

October 2023
Joyce Wallace – Cassia in Edina, MN

Joyce earned Trailblazer status because of the innovative way that she uses BellesBoard to manage Cassia’s three separate boards. Cassia provides housing, health care and community services to older adults.

Joyce says “I like that I can keep information for all the boards in one calendar, and all documents in one place. If a board member only serves on one board, they only see that board’s information. Similarly, an individual serving on multiple boards only need to look in one place for both board’s information.”

To learn more about Cassia or to connect with Joyce, click here.

September 2023
Glenn Hopkins, President & CEO – Hopkins House

Hopkins House (Alexandria, VA) provides high quality, high impact educational programs and learning opportunities to children, youth, and their families.

Under Glenn’s leadership, board members have quick and easy access to meeting details, governance documents, and committee and board member contact information. Glenn has also used the Dashboard module to provide board members with graphical views of the organization’s sources of charitable support, number of individuals served, volunteer hours donated, and a summary of revenue and expenses.

To learn more about Hopkins House’s great work, click here.

August 2023
Rosie DiBella, Project Manager – Preble Street

Preble Street (Portland, Maine) helps individuals dealing with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty. Under Rosie’s leadership, she and her colleague Elisa Fleig have enabled board members to have access to meeting and governance documents on their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. They also have organized their documents in a clean and organized structure to enable board members to easily find desired information 24/7. As a result, Preble Street enjoys 100% utilization of BellesBoard among its board. 

To learn more about Preble Street’s good work, click here.

July 2023
Julie Sadowski, Executive Director – Rockland Community Foundation

In less than two months, Julie has increased board engagement and saved time with BellesBoard.

Using BellesBoard’s e-Signature feature, Julie has eliminated the need to email, print, and scan governance documents. Scheduling members’ availability has now improved using the BellesBoard User Availability Polling feature. This month’s Trailblazer has also begun to use BellesBoard’s project management feature to plan and execute upcoming events.

Want to learn more about RCF’s good work? Click here.

June 2023
Marianne Pizza and Susan Cuoccio – Camp Anchor in Lido Beach, NY

The dynamic duo of Susan and Marianne are using BellesBoard to increase board engagement. Board members now have easy access to their governance documents. They also use the Polling function to simplify the process of seeking ideas and recommendations from board and committee members.

Want to learn more? Click here to reach out to Susan directly.

May 2023

Wendy Barber, Membership Coordinator – San Antonio Country Club

Wendy earned Trailblazer status for SACC by utilizing BellesBoard to improve the club’s membership process – including managing the waiting list. Wendy’s vision to reduce emails, streamline collaboration, and build community ensures that board members, committee members and administrators enjoy a more efficient way to manage the organization’s membership pipeline.
April 2023
Kim Colwell, Executive Assistant – Girls Inc. of the Valley in MA

Kim earned Trailblazer status by setting up the Girls Inc. of the Valley Board Policies Acknowledgment process using the BellesBoard e-Signature module. Board members were able to eliminate printing, scanning and emailing documents — everything was updated and stored within BellesBoard.

March 2023
Koby May, Organization Administrator – Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center

In order to increase board member awareness, Koby and his team created 9 dashboards, covering the last 3 years of Clinic Visits; Emergency Visits; Hospital Admissions; Imaging Procedures; Laboratory Tests; Long Term Care Average Patients Per Day, Long Term Care Average Patients Per Day, Rehabilitative Visits, and Salaries & Benefits.

To connect with Koby directly, email him here.

February 2023
Ray Mohler, President & CEO Little Saint Nick Foundation

Ray and his team earned this recognition because they were able to combine information from two separate data sources into BellesBoard, thereby saving administrative time while also improving board engagement.

To connect with Ray directly and learn more, email him here!