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Wait. ALL BellesBoard’s Packages Include UNLIMITED Users?

It is essential to engage all of your board members. One of the easiest ways to do so is to offer each [...]

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Board members are busy people. In addition to having multiple responsibilities, directors do not engage on a daily, or even weekly, basis [...]

Spreadsheets, Spreadsheets, Spreadsheets!

BellesBoard has a wide variety of clients using our product. Despite this diversity, we have recently become aware of a common thread [...]
board meeting management

The Next Generation in Board Portals

BellesBoard, the Nonprofit Sector Strategies (NSS) Board Portal, is the brainchild of the two company founders, Christine Deska and Frank Orzo. Deska [...]

How to Choose the Right Board Portal for Your Organization

Once you and your Board of Directors have assessed your need for an online portal, the logical questions that follow circle around [...]

WHITEPAPER: Meet the Modules Designed to Streamline the Vital Work of the Board

The Shift Toward Technology Over the past half-century, and particularly in the past two decades, society has moved toward managing more and [...]