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Onboarding and Implementation Made Easy

The team at BellesBoard knows and understands how busy those in the nonprofit sphere are. Board members and leadership team members juggle multiple tasks and wear many hats. With limited time, the need for easy-to-use, efficient tools is a must. At BellesBoard we are acutely aware of the time and effort needed to roll out a new digital portal. When transferring to BellesBoard, we want the process to be as seamless as possible. Let us bear the weight of transition. 

  1. We build your database. One of the more frequent concerns we hear about when converting from paper to digital, or transferring from one platform to another, is having to start from the ground up. At BellesBoard, we provide you with a foundation right from the start. Your database will be structured to best suit your organization’s needs and can be further enhanced as you get comfortable with the product. Having a pre-made database available immediately means you can begin to upload and organize your documents with no delay. Business does not need to stall to make the move to BellesBoard.
  2. We walk you through it. There is no need to fear a misstep in the transfer process. A BellesBoard representative can drop in on your board meeting for a live (virtual) introductory overview or, depending on your preference, we can host a separate virtual session (with your board members) that you can record and have for reference. BellesBoard will take you through the process, step by step. If you have a question, our support staff will be there to answer and clarify. This establishes the BellesBoard team member as a point of support rather than a nonprofit staffer having to take on even more responsibility.
  3. We train admins. To ensure smooth sailing and significant comfort with the product, BellesBoard teaches your company’s assigned administrator(s) in how to best navigate the portal. Everyone responsible for maintaining the portal will receive the appropriate education to ensure a strong level of proficiency. While BellesBoard remains accessible to answer any questions you or your organization may have in the future, you can feel secure that your portal’s admin knows how to navigate the product. 
  4. Train the trainer. Your admin will be able to readily provide training to each end user in your organization. Comfort with BellesBoard is essential to every organization’s success with the platform. With your trainer properly trained, he/she will be able to walk each assigned user through the various modules. As they gain insight and a needed level of proficiency with the program, users will become active users and, likely, more engaged members of the Board.
  5. We are available for ongoing questions and briefings. As new functions like e-Signature, Availability Polling, and Grants Tracking/Management are rolled out and presented to you and your organization, we are happy to provide training on these services. We are committed to ensuring your admins are familiar with all features of BellesBoard. Thus, as new features are developed, we want your admins to know further training is available to them. Questions, as always, are encouraged. 

BellesBoard is dedicated to a quick and easy transition into our product. We seek to provide our users with the skills to succeed through our product. The stress of a conversion or uploading process is cumbersome and unnecessary. For the success you and your company deserve, we have put our proven safeguards. Our hard work will ensure your seamless process.


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