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How Do You Know it’s Time for a Portal?

With more and more boards of directors migrating to portal software, it might be time to evaluate your situation and consider BellesBoard. How do you know when it’s time to make the switch? There are some tell-tale signs that suggest your board is ready to take the plunge with a portal.
We’d like to share them with you. They include:

  1. Your board is maturing, but your system is not
    How do you know your board is mature? Does your board have firm oversight and controls in place? Is one of your board’s top goals to aid the chief executive in succeeding in their role? Is your board self-reflective – acknowledging changes and adapting to them, and rooting out ineffective patterns and behaviors? If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, then congratulations are in order. You have a
    maturing board.
    If your organization has resumed some or all meetings in person with strictly physical documentation for each member [versus digital copies], it may be time to act on this aspect of maturation and modernization.
  2. Administration is wasting time with menial tasks
    Your board administrator(s) should be using their time wisely, focusing on coordinating the board. Time spent forwarding documents and sending follow up emails to inquiries (e.g., “when is the finance committee meeting?”) is wasteful and unproductive. Using a portal like BellesBoard will allow administration to upload documents with ease, and then have those documents available for the intended recipients. When the administrator inputs a date by which those documents need to be signed, the portal will send follow up and reminder emails. BellesBoard maintains your minutes and keeps all files organized. By removing the need to handle menial tasks, the portal soothes the heavy load of responsibilities placed on your staff.
  3. Board members want the ease of modern technology
    Listening to your board is essential to open communication. Give consideration to whether board members are tiring of sorting and digging through papers to make references and keep track of issues. If this occurs with your board, it may very well be time to provide them with the ease of use that a secure portal can provide. BellesBoard will keep files neat and orderly, resulting in peace of mind for your users. Furthermore, younger members are likely to be more accustomed to modern technology in the workplace to further their productivity. Providing up-to-date software will attract the brightest of the young minds in the workforce as you recruit for new members of the board. They will see your organization as progressive and enjoyable to work with if you are already engaged with technology in this way.

It is essential to look at converting to BellesBoard’s software as an investment, not an expense. Using such a refined portal will enable your board to further progress in maturity and allow them to be as productive as possible. It will further show your board how much you value their time. Worrying about sorting through papers and trying to remember important dates will slow down the great work they are performing. Having a digital source to safely file and keep relevant documents easily accessible will keep your members focused on the tasks at hand. BellesBoard will empower your board to continue progressing with efficiency and ease.


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