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The BellesBoard Mobile App…Accessing Your Board Data Has Never Been Easier

One of the features frequently mentioned in testimonials praising BellesBoard is the ease and convenience provided by our product. Much of this is due to the portal being available at every users’ fingertips. The BellesBoard mobile app seamlessly converts the desktop view into a mobile one, and allows any user to access all their information from their cell-phone. 

We know our users are busy people, often on the run from conferences to meetings or commuting to and from the office. Oftentimes, it is inconvenient to pull out a laptop in flight, on the train, or in the back of a cab. Nonetheless, some matters are pressing and need to be dealt with regardless of the environment. With the BellesBoard mobile app, the stress of attempting to access the materials from your computer [while on the go] is gone! Simply unlock your phone and open your BellesBoard app to get access to your board-related information and documents.. 

There are multiple digital portals currently on the market. Despite the high profile of these competitors, BellesBoard is showing impressive growth in the marketplace as it remains the more economical option, while never depriving users of features, ease, or accessibility. For those seeking our premium plan, BellesBoard remains less than $200 per month. There are alternative portals to BellesBoard that, although quality products, are three times this cost. The price point of these platforms keeps them unaffordable for nonprofit organizations with small to mid-sized budgets. Furthermore, many of these products do not yet offer some of BellesBoard’s most beloved features, particularly the mobile app. 

The mobile app is essential for BellesBoard’s users as it ensures that all their information and data is at their fingertips. Another of BellesBoard’s most popular features is the reminder. When a deadline for your signature is approaching, BellesBoard will send you alerts until the signature has been received. This helps maintain organizational compliance. Alternately, reminders pop up to let Board members know a meeting is coming up. With the app, you can sign documents and meet deadlines from your phone. And, you will see helpful meeting reminders, resulting in better attendance at committee and full Board meetings. Receiving notifications on your mobile as opposed to pop-ups on your laptop are better in acting as reminders. 

Communication has never been easier than with BellesBoard’s mobile app. Use the chat feature to maintain contact with your team or committee. With all users already uploaded into the system, you need not add contacts nor write out full length emails. You can maintain a steady level of communication, ensuring questions are received and answered in a timely manner is essential to functional business. 

Provide your busy Board members with the tools they need to be engaged and successful. Try BellesBoard and our convenient mobile app.


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