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Wait. ALL BellesBoard’s Packages Include UNLIMITED Users?

It is essential to engage all of your board members. One of the easiest ways to do so is to offer each member their own user account on the software your organization has chosen. Every one of BellesBoard’s packages offers unlimited users who have access to both the website and mobile app. Most board software has a threshold for the number of included users. Once your board has reached its limit, there is an additional cost for the next tier or, in some cases, an increase per user. Exorbitant pricing typically leads to either a reallocation of resources or limiting access to the portal, particularly to staff leadership. BellesBoard is dedicated to helping your board seamlessly transition to online engagement, and from there, ensuring your organization can continue to grow and prosper. Active involvement on the part of your directors is foundational to such success. 

Every director having a unique user account means less hassle for the board itself. There will be no angst surrounding questions of cutting “less active” users or removing leadership staff who liaise with a board committee to cut back on costs. Board expansion need not cause anxiety about moving into a new tier of available users. Access may be given to all those who need it and done with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everyone has access to the same software to be accessed from the website, mobile app, or both. With BellesBoard, you can set your budget for the platform without fear or worry of running out our users or negatively impacting your budget.

Ensuring all directors and leadership team members are in possession of a user account will promote engagement across your various committees and in overall board work. If, for example, you have an advisory board, providing each member of that board access to the platform should result in increased activity. 

BellesBoard was designed with convenience in mind. The ease of using BellesBoard [whether on a desktop or mobile device], fingertip ready access to documents, and activity reminders ensure effective and involved. Time and again, platforms across all industries have found that accessibility is critical to participation. With a goal of regular 100% engagement, the better your organization’s planning and execution will be. 

As always, BellesBoard’s programming ensures all information and meetings can be set with custom permissions. Customize permissions for your board to ensure which individuals are given access to specific meeting information. BellesBoard offers guidance and support in establishing these settings. 

BellesBoard is designed to host all your committees and directors in one easy-to-access portal. This includes advisory boards, youth boards, high-level volunteer pools, chapter presidents, program leaders and coordinators, and key personnel. Be better positioned to capture your targeted demographics by providing these subgroups and committees access to the information specific to their work.

Make your software work for you. Be sure you can provide that software to all those who need access. And be sure that your software doesn’t ‘break the bank’. BellesBoard is the software you need to have all your information in one comprehensive and affordable platform.


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